Americans for Fairness in Lending creates "Punk'd" video parody for students

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"Don't Get F#%'D" SEE VIDEO!
Source: Americans for Fairness in Lending

Are you familiar with Ashton Kutcher's cable TV hit "Punk'd"? Check out Americans For Fairness in Lending's new animated video parody about campus credit card marketing here. Then take the follow-up action steps and PASS IT ON to your friends.

Here’s why campus solicitation matters:

Credit card companies sign up students even if they have little or no income, knowing they'll trigger high "penalty" interest rates and fees. That's where they make their big $$$.

College students, young workers, immigrants, the elderly and others who are not aware of the traps get solicited the most and hit the hardest.

Free t-shirts, frisbees and pizza come at a dangerous cost. A signature can lock in very unfair terms.

More info for students

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