Think your credit report doesn't matter?

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Tell that to the 70 million Target customers who've recently had
their personal information stolen. As we all know, checking your
credit report is the best way to make sure you're not getting ripped
off - whatever the latest credit hacking scandal.

Problem is, your credit report isn't always accurate. 

Mistakes, often at the hands of the credit bureaus that create your
report, are sometimes impossible to get fixed. Worse, those mistakes
can cost you real money in turned down credit, rejected home loans, or
even a prospective employer refusing to hire you.

Ever found an error on your credit report, or had a hard time removing
it?  Consumers Union wants to hear about it.

The major credit bureaus have a history of making sloppy mistakes on
credit reports and failing to correct them. These mistakes have
real-life consequences, since your report is used to make decisions
each time you apply for a credit card, home or car loan, or sometimes
when you're in the running for a job.

The best way to crack down on the big credit bureaus' lax
attitude is to show how their mistakes affect real people's
lives. If you've ever had a mistake on your credit report that
wasn't your fault, or an error that took forever to get fixed,
share your story with Consumers Union.

Your story will help them put pressure on the credit industry and
regulators to address this problem. After all, it's your credit
report, it shouldn't have problems you didn't cause!

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