Take Justice Back Petition: Revoke Banks' License to Steal

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Access to our judicial system is our most effective means of deterring fraud and holding wrongdoers accountable for harm their actions (or inactions) cause. This week a Change.org petition sponsored by TakeJusticeBack.com offers citizens a way to stand up for their rights and help stop the abuses of forced arbitration.

  Abuses of forced arbitration are being used every day to:

  • let bad employers pay men more than women for the same work;
  • let predatory lenders violate basic federal and state consumer protection laws;
  • let the hugest corporations in the U.S. ignore the antitrust laws;
  • let dishonest for-profit schools lie to prospective students  about what the schools so that the students will incur mountains of debt in exchange for nothing;
  • let the worst nursing homes in the country mistreat vulnerable patients.

Petition: Revoke Banks' License to Steal. Stop Forced Arbitration.

Forced arbitration is Corporate America's Trojan Horse - a campaign to eliminate access to the courts and individual rights and replace them with Big Businesses' own dispute mill. Most Americans do not even know forced arbitration exists, but when banks write the rules, Americans lose every time. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can revoke banks' license to steal.  Tell the CFPB to put consumer financial security above Wall Street by stopping forced arbitration. Sign the petition here.

Though many citizens continue to be harmed by these nonreciprocal "you can't sue me" clauses--most people are in the dark about the impact of forced arbitration clauses, until a dispute arises. According to Paul Bland, Senior Attorney w/ Public Justice, "part of the reason that corporations have been able to steal our rights is that way too few of us have realized that we need to pay attention to hold onto them."

But that's about to change.

"A trio of developments in the next week may wake a lot of people up, though.  Arbitration might be about to make a leap from Corporate America's Most Successful Dirty Secret to a National Scandal.  Corporate America may not know what's about to hit it..."

READ: WAKE UP! CFPB, Congress and Activists to Bring Arbitration Out of Fine Print and Into Spotlight  

 Sign the Petition and Multiply Your Impact

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