We Will Never Forget. | A 9/11 Tribute

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None of us will forget where we were on 9.11.2001.  Today, 11 years later, we still have deep sorrow and heavy hearts when we remember that tragic day --a day that changed so many lives forever.  We also haven't forgotten the patriotism and unity that we all displayed across the country. Flags flew on nearly every car, people were kind to each other again, crime rates dropped and for a short time,  all our differences were cast aside. We were all just Americans. 

Though the unity has faded over time, that day and how we felt in the aftermath will never be forgotten.  As we honor the lives lost, the first responders and all of the families and friends who were left behind to endure, let us also remember the sense of unity we felt that day, and the days to follow. If we take time to reflect on how we treat one another today--it might just inspire us all to find that unity tomorrow.  

In loving memory of those who lost their lives, their children, their spouses, their co-workers, their friends, loved ones and may God be with you, you are forever in my prayers...

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