ID Theft Grinch Steals Woman's Job and Family's Christmas

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Meet Vontara Colbert-Redmond a Detroit woman whose troubles started in 2007 when her purse was stolen and her bank account was wiped out -- three times. But that would turn out to be just the beginning of what would become a lengthy battle to reclaim her identity and life as she once knew it.  

Vontara works in home health care, and she needs her car to get around. When she tried to renew her driver's license, she learned her license was suspended --and the Secretary of State's office sent her to the  police.  When the Taylor police pulled her drivers license, they agreed, the photo on the license isn't hers. According to Vontara --nobody is helping her;

 "I keep on giving the police this girl's address, and nobody is going to get her." 

"If I go and harm her, then I'll be in trouble, and y'all gonna quickly come and get me and put me in jail. But y'all let her run around here, and destroy my name."

She's right. Many of us ID theft victims have learned that the privacy rights of the perpetrators of fraud often seem to carry more weight than the rights and well-being of the victim. When you are a victim of identity theft, you have to prove your innocence --and sometimes that means doing it from behind bars.

With Christmas just a couple weeks away, ---not only has Vontara lost her income and nearing financial ruin, but unless someone steps up to help her clear her name and restore her identity (and job) Vontara, and her children, will have no joy or presents at Christmas. Are there any Who' s in Whosville ready to step in or up to do the right thing? 

Woman Fights Financial Ruin After Job Loss, Identity Theft:

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