GA Hacker pleads guilty to stealing 676,000 credit card numbers; $36 million in losses

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A Georgian man, Rogelio Hackett, Jr., who was arrested in 2009 by the Secret Service after being busted for selling about 1,000 stolen credit card numbers to an undercover agent, recently plead guilty to "access device fraud and aggravated identity theft"

When Hackett's home was later searched by law enforcement authorities, they found as many as 676,000 stolen credit card numbers!  Turns out the hacker was making a nice living over the years. Investigators calculate he earned about $70,000 selling the numbers for about $20-$25 a piece. Investigations also show he  managed to collect $80,000 using the stolen credit card numbers to pull off Western Union money order scams and thousands of other illegal transactions amounting to $36.6 million. You can find more info on this case on the Dept of Justice site: here.
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