Arkansas couple continues to live in a mortgage servicing nightmare

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In January I published a story about homeowners Kendra and Todd Parker, an Arkansas couple who found themselves in battle to save their home, reclaim their credit rating and prove they never missed a mortgage payment. (See earlier blog; Dear PHH Mortgage...)

The Huffington Post has updated Kendra and Todd's continued journey to reclaim their life, credit and very peace of mind. See:Facing Foreclosure Without Missing A Payment: One Couple's Housing Nightmare

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It surprises me that this is going on after all the media coverage of mortgage fraud lately. I could understand how this would happen had it been a year or two ago, but as recent as a couple of months ago? You would think the big banks had enough sense to stop this nonsense before the get even deeper in the ol' rabbit hole. Just goes to show you just how greedy they've gotten. Pitiful...

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