5 Tips to avoid losing money in get-rich-quick schemes

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I recently received an email from a woman who had been laid off from her job and recently put her faith and trust in an online internet marketing Guru. He promised she could "make millions" simply following his methods. All she had to do was sell what he was selling;  nothing -except that is, promises to make money.

She was lured by the promise of making more than $1,000 the first week while working at home -part-time. Sounded great. Working from home is wonderful. Yes, you can work in pajamas and save gas money and avoid the anxiety and frustrations of being stuck in rush hour traffic. 

But the chances of you making $1,297.16 in your first week is less than the chance you will be struck by lightning, three times, in the same place, on a cloudless day.
It seems everywhere you look the internet marketers are promising the moon and they will even promise to cut it up into individual slices and feed it to you while you sleep, all for just $147, every month, for the rest of your life. 

Buy their product and you can have an instant cash machine that churns out money like it is going out of style. But ask them what you will be doing to earn that money and you will be waiting a long time for a direct answer.

Read the whole red, white and blue ad and it isn't in there. That's because only when you pay the $147 or $47 or $17 or, if you hold out long enough, $7,  you finally realize that the business is to sell their money making machine to other people as gullible as you.

Just like a billion other money making schemes, it all depends on everyone buying a non-product until the last person buying the cash making machine is left with a bucket load of hollow promises and no one left to sell it to.

So how can you spot a fake and what should you look out for?

1. People that promise a lot of money for no work.
Generally billed as "Make a million dollars before breakfast" or "Create a fortune while you sleep". These are only available for the next sixty seconds so you can get out your wallet now. Yes now. And if you try to close the window they offer you something better, for less money, three times until you have to close the computer to get away without buying anything

2. Sites that ask for money when you are not buying anything.
Yes, there are plenty of people who ask for a credit card when it's a "free' trial offer, and plenty of people ready to hand it over

3. Free Offers
All you have to do is give them your email account, so they can email you every day until you buy something. And then you become a hot lead and get two emails a day. For the rest of your life. In return you get "hot" reports like how to cope with weight issues or tips on using the "brand new" Google program.

4. Offers without any contact details.
They don't want to hear your petty complaints about spending lots of dollars on systems that don't work

5. Signing up for their program for only $7 or less.
It turns into $47 next month and increases exponentially until you just hand over your pay check each week.

If you still insist on trying to make money selling nothing, here is the best suggestion yet; go in with both eyes open and both hands firmly locked around your wallet and your credit cards.

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This is very true most of the people online are out to take your money. especially info marketers the sad thing is you can make money online but the screamers are in the way . Basically it's like anything else you have to pay your dues and learn the craft, but if you think your gonna get rich over night think again.

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