WhatSignature.com; New foreclosure signature database launched today

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A new website for the submission of documents with signatures from notaries, attorneys and bank employees was launched today. Since receiving notice of foreclosure and various court filings and paperwork, the founder of a  new document depository website, noticed that signatures of lawyers, notaries, and banking officials appeared to vary. During their search to find answers to many lingering questions, the homeowners realized that many others had the same concerns.

WhatSignature.com was created for consumers to use as a depository/filing database to contribute and/or compare signatures of lawyers, notaries, and banking/lending employees during the consumer's foreclosure experience.

Visit WhatSignature.com for more info.

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Finally - a central place to share and view what others may have. This will definetly be easier than trying to connect with others at different times of the day on several chat rooms and blog sites to see if anyone else has the same signature as you.

Thank you for keeping us informed.

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