Passions ignite over AT&T vs Concepcion; Could a federal law wipe out class action rights? Yep...

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Would this headline surprise you? "Cell Phone Giant Rips Off Customers." Maybe not. But what about this one? "Cell Phone Giant Rips Off Customers, Wants New Law Saying It's OK." That one might just catch your attention. I know it would mine.

Well, that second hypothetical headline is actually the premise of AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, a hugely important case that will be argued before the Supreme Court in early November. (For update on recent Supreme Court Ruling click here)

Many people believe that this case, which has garnered relatively little attention, has potentially wide-ranging implications for consumer, civil rights, and other class actions.

Yesterday, Public Justice Senior Attorney Paul Bland participated in a press briefing on this case at the National Press Club and sponsored by the American Constitution Society. Other panelists were Nina Pillard, law professor at Georgetown; Stephen Ware, law professor at the University of Kansas; and Alan Kaplinsky, a private attorney in Philadelphia who counsels financial institutions on how to shield themselves from liability.

Click on the names below and listen to the various speakers.

Do NOT miss Paul Bland's briefing. It was a heated discussion. At one point, about 38 minutes in, an audience member posted this to Twitter: "Paul Bland is on a TEAR at the AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion briefing. What passion for class actions!" This case has been under-the-radar for awhile now, but don't be fooled: It actually has nothing to do with the minutiae of arbitration clauses like AT&T Mobility (AT&T) says it does. Really, it's about banning class actions and taking away consumers' rights

Find more links and info on this important case in an earlier blog: U.S. Supreme Court set to rule in favor of consumers or AT&T Mobility? On the Sun Sentinel blog.

Source: Public Justice
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Paul, thank you for being such a vocal consumer advocate. To think that our consumer rights can be taken away from us is so scary. It may start as a small 'change' to a company, but ends up harming the consumers. Just as it is with the foreclosure mess. I don't understand how a company or our government can even consider such travesty on us, We the People.

Thank you for your passion to speak up for us.

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