H.R. 3808: Putting lipstick, stilettos and accessories on the foreclosure fraud pig!

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Don't believe me? Investigate it for yourself.

Read up on these well-documented claims of mortgage servicing abuse and fraud.

See: The New "F-Word" in Foreclosures -- "Fraud"

While you're at it, please tell President Obama NOT to sign the "Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act"

If President Obama signs HR 3808 a little noticed bill that swept through the Senate last week with little to no notice, challenging foreclosures could become much more difficult for homeowners.

UPDATE: President Obama will not sign the Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act  (H.R.3808), which would have required state and federal courts to "recognize any notarization made by a notary public" licensed in any state, including electronic signatures. See: Why President Obama is Not Signing H.R. 3808

UPDATE: Bank of America steps ahead of a possible moratorium to stop all foreclosures by opting to halt foreclosures in all 50 states.
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