Disabled Senior Citizen to Chase: What happened to our promised loan modification?

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"We built our own home with blood, sweat and tears and are too old to start all over again. We love our home and had planned to live here until our demise. We have made a heroic attempt to work with Chase Home Finance LLC ("Chase") but all the conversations have left me with profound mental distress affecting my health.

We have tried to work towards a resolution in good faith and we feel that, unfortunately, Chase was acting in bad faith. So, we are looking at another demise of an American family. I know we are not the only ones, far from it, who have been deceived, fleeced, lied to, misinformed and strung along for the sole purpose of greed.

Can anyone help us and the rest of the Nevadans who have been devastated by these practices?
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Here's our story--one that highlights how senior citizens, especially disabled senior citizens, are thrown under the bus; 

On 12-21-07 my husband underwent two spinal surgeries with fusion and instrumentation of his lower spine. Beginning February, while on medical leave, we were without income from my husbands work.

Beginning in March were forced to pay for COBRA coverage of 1200.00 a month as my husband was still under medical care. My husband was released to light duty on 4-17-08, on 4-5-08 my husband was terminated because he was disabled, just prior to eligibility of FMLA would be in effect. My husband was not entitled to unemployment nor disability until 90 days after becoming disabled. We had to utilize our entire 401k and 457k monies in order to meet our many obligations and keep a roof over our heads. My husband was released to full duty 6-20-08.

We lived on a single income for eight months that was not even enough to cover the mortgage. We were forced to use credit cards to buy food, fuel (so I could get to work) as well as utility bills, etc. Due to the economic environment it took until 8-4-08 for my husband to find employment. My job did not offer paid sick leave, was paid on an hourly wage and no medical benefits. We could no longer afford COBRA and finally were eligible through PERS to obtain coverage, 700.00 a month, until my husband's new employer covered us in October of 2008.

The day before Thanksgiving, 2008, we were told that my husband had Multiple Sclerosis. My husband noticed some neurological deficits, pain and fatigue. My husband was prescribed interferon. Having been on Interferon injections since December of 2008 our neurologist cannot yet determine the effectiveness of the present medication nor the progression of the disease as of yet. In the meantime - his disease had progressed to the point he could not longer perform his job duties and was released from his job on June 10, 2010. Our Cobra payment alone is $878.00 a month. I cannot re-enter the job market, having lost my job in May of 2010, because I am the caregiver, 24/7, for my husband.

We built our own home with blood, sweat and tears and are too old to start all over again. We love our home and had planned to live here until our demise.

Knowing the financial obstacles we were about to face, an attempt was made in 2008 to work with the lender so we could keep our home. Upon calling Chase, I was told that there would be a new program in December of 2008, a loan modification program. Approximately November or December 2008 I once again contacted Chase.

We received a forbearance from 4/1/09 to 6/1/09 , as I had called Chase explaining the situation and our future obstacles that we knew would confront us. Being that we always met our obligations we wanted to work with the lender. It has been two years now, I had been told many questionably accurate status updates. In 2009, inquiring as to the status, I was told to expect the modification documents by July. Then on yet another request for status was told the documents would be forthcoming by November, then December. On May 27, 2010 I received a phone call from Lauren Haberland stating that we were not eligible as "we didn't even make enough to pay the mortgage". Upon further investigation, it came to light that this young lady failed to include $1700.00 in income. I was told that we had to start all over again. We were told we were in foreclosure AND active modification status.

We have ALWAYS made the loan modification payments in the amount of $1277.68 each month, on time. As no one had worked on this file between December 2009 to March 2010, I was told that this file would be put on a "fast track". On June 1, 2010 we received correspondence stating "Chase Home Finance LLC ("Chase") was writing to confirm receipt of your RECENTLY submitted request for a modification under the Making Home Affordable program". Once again we submitted information that had been submitted at least twice before.

Calling the Executive Office of Chase mortgage department on June 17, 2010, speaking to Bryce, was informed that we were NOT in foreclosure according to their records and I would have to straighten this out with the Loss Mitigation Department.

On June 24, 2010 Chase informed us we were not in active foreclosure and to call back on June 29-10, as our payments had been put in a suspense fund since we were in active foreclosure, and the suspense funds should have been released and advised to continue to deal with "Brenda" to complete the final determination of the modification, they were just waiting for the funds. On June 30, 2010 spoke to Chase and was told the funds in the suspense account should be transferred and completed that day and to call on July 1, 2010. I called again July 1, 2010 and was advised the suspended funds will not be released as they could not be released until final documents were drawn up. I was also told the request for release of funds was not made as promised. I was asked to call back that Friday, "Mary" had put in request in active modification and told me there were no recent notes in the computer. On July 2, 2010 spoke with "Therese" who confirmed that suspension funds cannot be released until final modification is done. "Therese" also was unable to tell me why I received a June 1, 2010 letter putting me on a trial period. On July 5, 2010 spoke to "Samantha" as to the status. I was told she could not talk to me as our file was with the "escalated team". I contacted "escalated team" to please call me back at 12:30 - never received call back. On July 6, 2010 spoke to "Heather" who informed me that our file was coded as a "litigation file" - "Heather" told me that the legal department did not know why this file was in their department. Heather sent e-mail requesting file out of litigation and to expedite, which would take 3-5 days. I was advised to call back. On July 13, 2010 spoke to "Teesha", was told in foreclosure and the file was still in review with Jeffrey Coombs (the negotiator ) who supposedly received file on June 1, 2010. I called the same day and was then told it was in active modification on July 7, 2010 and that the negotiator was waiting for an answer from Freddie Mac, would take about 7 weeks and to call every two weeks. Lauren Haberland was the underwriter that forgot to include 1700.00 of income in her calculations. I once again faxed documentation of my husband's long term disability as well as social security award letters.

On July 13, 2010 we received a response to our RECENT request regarding a loan modification. "After researching you account, we have determined that you do not qualify for a modification through MHA or through other modification programs offered by Chase at this time. Deemed ineligible for: NPV of a modification using a formula developed by the Department of Treasury, the owner of your Loan has not approved modification". I inquired as to who the owner of our loan was ....I was informed it was Freddie Mac.

On July 15, 2010 I spoke with "Amber" who informed me that we were in trial modification and that the file was transferred to Jeff Combs on June 1, 2010. On July 17, 2010 we received the denial via USPS. I spoke to "Yvonne" regarding the denial - she informed me that on what shows on the computer we were in active work out status. When I asked about the July 13, 2010 denial letter she stated she did not know why the letter was sent. "Yvonne" stated she would e-mail Jeff Coombs asking him to call me as to why we were denied - no call back ever.

I was also informed that Chase was looking into Chase options I might qualify for.

On July 19, 2010 I contacted Freddie Mac (Melissa @ 800-373-3343) inquiring about this "formula" and explain why Freddie Mac did not approve the modification. Freddie Mac Representative said they are only in an advisory position and the Lender makes the decision as Freddie Mac does not even receive documents. I filed a complaint with Freddie Mac. Immediately after this conversation I called Chase and spoke with "Andrea" and was told we were in foreclosure. I requested documentation as to WHO made this decision and based on what grounds.

When I contacted Chase inquiring as to what amount of income they were basing the denial, I was told they did not have access to that information. Throughout this time I was NEVER able to speak to any higher authority, on the "Customer Care Representative".

August of 2010 we filed for bankruptcy.

Chase sent me "Bankruptcy Information" and it noted that my mortgage payment due on 9/1/10 would be $2058.37. This was a whopping $10.07 less than the original payments ($2068.44 to Washington Mutual) prior to requesting a loan modification and in the meantime adding the difference between the trial modification and my original mortgage payment to the end of my original mortgage.

Now we owe approximately 24k more than my original principal and are now upside down.

On September 16, 2010 a message was left on our answering service stating that the call was from Chase Executive Offices Mortgage Department and that our "analyst" would be Mikko Parker at 614-248-1511 and would call back within 24-48 hours.

On September 17, 2010 I attempted to contact Mikko Parker, I left a voice mail message with pertinent information and that I was returning her call. I called again on September 20, 2010 and left two voice mail messages. I called again on September 21, 2010 and left a voice mail message - as of today, September 29, 2010, I have yet to hear from our "analyst".

As stated above:

We have made a heroic attempt to work with Chase, all the conversations have left me with profound mental distress affecting my health.

We have tried to work towards a resolution in good faith and we feel that, unfortunately, Chase was acting in bad faith. So, we are looking at another demise of an American family. I know we are not the only ones, far from it, who have been deceived, fleeced, lied to, misinformed and strung along for the sole purpose of greed.

Can anyone help us and the rest of the Nevadans who have been devastated by these practices?"

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Genia Zeuzem and Mark Turner


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So sorry, Genia, to hear you are going through this. So sorry to hear of the health problems, also, that have been happening within your family. You are NOT alone in this fight! I have been going through the same things as you as far as dealing with Chase, and so have countless others. I've spent many hours on the phone, only to get shuffled around to several different departments. It's a stalling technique that most of the banks are using these days. I have mailed and faxed documents every month since July 2009, but have been told I sent them to the wrong address, faxed to the wrong number, or that I sent the wrong forms, which they sent to me to fill out and return. I received a letter in May 2010 saying my loan modification had been denied due to me not sending in the required documents. I was even told that my loan modification documents had been assigned to an underwriter. I have his name and number to his personal line, but if you call it, it only leads you to an answering machine that I'm sure has hundreds of messages from me on it, but I never get a call back. I have had some of my mortgage payments, that I made to EMC Mortgage (the servicer of my loan) returned to me, so I've put it to better use, and hired an attorney. I won't give EMC Mortgage another dime! It's a shame that we have to do this kind of thing just to keep a roof over our heads! I've made a promise to myself that if I ever get lucky enough to win the lottery, I'll use it to provide legal assistance for individuals such as yourself. No one should HAVE to deal with the results of so much greed and dishonesty! Have faith that someone will finally hear our cries! I'm afraid their world is starting to crumble right now as we speak. It's only a matter of time. God bless you Ginia! Stay strong!

And Denise...I can't thank you enough for the knowledge that you and your website have provided me with! I come here every day to see what's new! Thank you...

My story is very long I will try to get right to the point. I entered the making home affordable plan in march of 2009. I was never told about the trial payments affecting my credit score. They had me on these payments until march of 2010. I was than told I didn't qualify because my home didn't appraise for the value owed. Which no houses were. Anyways they than offered to put me "in house" program. So they kept the trial payments until my final loan modification papers came in May of 2010 they were signed by me and chase and notarized. They said not to make a payment until July and had the new lower payments I was so happy after a year and a half of pure torture by them it was over. Well here comes the end of September I get a letter saying they need more financials to complete my paperwork but my paperwork and loan was done I thought. I called and what do you know I know have my underwriter answer all my calls. He blames Fannie Mae for switching loan numbers. I call Fannie Mae they say that's false so I call Chase and they come clean and they admit a clerical error and they need to redo the whole thing. Well not my fault it's been going on two years!! My credit is so messed up because of them because of this suspense account stuff which I don't get. I know I'm getting threaten with foreclosure but I've made all my payments. Given they are the new amount we agreed on in the new loan we all signed. I have now had to hire an attorney. How can you give someone a final modification sign it than find an error four months later and try and take it back. And these past four months they are still holding my payments in suspense messing up my credit even more.

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