Scam Alert: Zappos "Order Confirmation" email is a Scam

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Quick scam alert...DO NOT FALL FOR the latest email scam circulating. It arrives as an order confirmation from ZAPPOS and though it appears to look very authentic -it's anything but. The email includes ZAPPOS' official phone number and logo and it also includes a few infected links that the scammers hope you will click on. When clicked on you will undoubtedly download malicious spyware onto your computer.
The phony order confirmation comes as a receipt for merchandise totaling $928.00 and allows you to click on links and pictures in the email for additional info.

Do not click on any links or pictures.

The email looks very legit but if you received this phishing email, delete it immediately.
If you received it and already clicked on the links - update your virus protection, run a full scan on your computer and dump all data you may have in your cache.

Today there are all sorts of cyber predators and con artists who spend their time creating ways to scam you. What's the best way to avoid falling victim to their tricks or traps?
Be wise to them!
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