Scam Alert: Facebook's DISLIKE Button a Scam

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If you haven't yet heard, yes, there's yet another a new Facebook "phishing" scam  making the rounds. Many FB users have fallen for this scam and as they click on the link that comes with a message about Facebook's new app; a "DISLIKE" button, they end up installing malicious malware or spyware on their computer.  Facebook doesn't have a "DISLIKE" button.
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The Facebook message that encourages you to get the 'DISLIKE' button appears to come from a friend; "I just got the Dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts!!: or "Get the official DISLIKE button now, or "You got to see this video!"

If you click on the link an 'install page' will pop up.

If you clicked on the link and followed the instructions, you would be asked to take a survey. The survey asks for permission for an app to run.  And in the survey -you are asked to provide even more personal information.

If you clicked on the link, be sure to remove the app from your Facebook profile ASAP and delete the message.

Here's a short clip on how this scam works;

For more info on how to avoid dangers lurking on Facebook, see PC world's article: How to Spot Facebook Scams

Think fraud! If not now, when?

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