Latest Identity Theft Scam Targets Childrens' Social Security Numbers

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As parents we strive to keep our kids safe at all times. They depend on us to protect them from all sorts of predators. Unfortunately, scammers continue to make that job increasingly difficult.

We often hear about identity theft and the many costs, frustrations and h
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eadaches it causes for its (presumably adult) victims. The daily newspapers are filled with headlines about data thefts that serve as constant reminders that we are not in total control of our identities and that everyone on the planet is at risk -even kids still in diapers.

Federal Authorities are warning of a scheme devised to target Social Security numbers of children. The scam was detected  while uncovering a mortgage fraud scam that utilized the SSN's of kids.  In this latest scheme, online fly-by-night businesses are using computers to seek, and then sell, dormant Social Security numbers, usually assigned to children who have clean credit profiles.

Sellers are referring to the Social Security numbers as "CPNs", which stand for credit profile, credit protection or credit privacy numbers -and marketing them to people looking to recreate their credit rating and raise their declining credit scores.  

Because the Social Security Administration does not yet have a system to tie names, ages and genders to social security numbers, thieves are able to manipulate the identities of children and use them to their advantage. Only you can impede them.  

Watch the below video to see how the latest scheme works;


Kids of any age make perfect targets for identity thieves since the theft of a child's identity can go undetected for a long period of time. Often, the theft isn't discovered until a young adult is denied a student loan, credit or employment. That's when they find out their credit rating and reputation has been trashed.

What can parents do to protect their children?

1. Contact the Social Security Administration annually to request a work history for your child's social security number. Sounds crazy, but what you are looking to find a blank work history.

2. If your children receive junk mail or offers for credit from lenders or credit card companies, this could be a red flag that someone is using their identity.

3. Talk to your teens and tweens about the dangers of identity theft and scams, and what can happen when they divulge too much information on social networking sites.

4. Be cautious with your child's SSN. Always ask why an association, organization or business needs the SSN prior to releasing it.

5. Consider engaging an id theft protection service that specifically monitors your child's identity.

Remember, when it comes to identity theft, it's what you don't know that will absolutely hurt you! Take the necessary safeguards now to ensure your children have a clean and accurate credit rating when they venture into adulthood. Remember PB&K...(Protect your butt -& your kids!)

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Great tips!
Making ourselves aware is a good start in preventing identity theft.

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