Judge delays foreclosure; citing inappropriate paperwork...Note separated from loan

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A last-minute court order forced a foreclosure auctioneer to drive away on auction day without selling the home of Porter and Angie Moore.
The Moore's now have a permanent injunction on their mortgage, meaning no foreclosure action can happen until they get their day in court. They said it appears the judge is acknowledging that because the proper mortgage paperwork is separated from the loan itself, it's not clear who has the right to collect payment.
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As more and more Judges are becoming aware of the dirty tricks and dirty property titles that are littering their courtrooms, wrongful foreclosures are rightfully be rejected. As title documents are found to be fabricated or out of order and the proof of lender ownership is unclear -the home can not be legally foreclosed upon.

Judges are beginning to help in the fight against wrongful foreclosures and you must do so too. It is your home, fight for it. Learn about mortgage servicing fraud, raise awareness to it to your attorney, your judge and your friends and family and others who may not yet have been forced to deal with it.   
The Moores had almost given up their battle -before they met Mike Dillon.

Mike may be too modest in his assessment of himself as he is cited as denying he's any "expert" in wrongful foreclosures. I disagree. I have known Mike for a number of years and rarely disagree with him -but this time I do. 
The dictionary defines "expert" as; a  person  who  has special skill, or  knowledge in  some  particular field; possessing special skill or knowledge; trained by practice; skillful or skilled.
Mike's been working in the trenches, practicing, researching and studying mortgage servicing fraud for 10 long years. He's worked to find justice for his family and others facing predatory mortgage servicing practices, wrongful foreclosures, and complexities within our judicial system. He now uses his hard-earned wisdom to help shed light on predatory mortgage servicing practices in order to help people like Porter and Angie Moore avoid falling victim to it. I would say that more than qualifies him as an "expert" on this issue.

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And view the follow up story here;
Couple Fighting Foreclosure Gets Day In Court

For more info on fighting a wrongful foreclosure and mortgage servicing complaints see earlier blogs.
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Does this delay affect the owners? They can change the game and find other solution to avoid losing the house?

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