Foreclosed Upon; The Power Hour Radio Show exposes the truth behind the spin

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The Power Hour Radio show focuses on subjects that inform and educate people to the real challenges facing this country. Tomorrow, Thursday, July 8th, Florida foreclosure activist LISA EPSTEIN will be on the show along with Florida foreclosure defense lawyer Matt Weidner.

The two will share info on the incredible depth of this ever-growing foreclosure problem, f
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rom "hidden foreclosures" to the Separation of Powers (how the legal system dealing with foreclosures is completely out-of-control and the rule of law is being seriously ignored in favor of the banking/loan industry); What he sees on the horizon, the good (lawyers are waking up) and the bad (foreclosures are about to get a whole lot worse in numbers).

Joining Lisa and Matt will be:

ANDY from Massachusetts as a person challenging "Denial of the Debt" in it's validity;

RANDY from Florida will dispel the notion that homeowners facing foreclosure are predominately folks that "bit off more than they could chew".

ALLISON from Texas about The Courts legislating from the bench and how this is severely impairing the homeowner's consumer protection rights.

Tune in by going to
If time allows, open lines for those that are being foreclosed upon

Joyce Riley's show "The Power Hour" can be heard
Monday-Friday 7:00am-10:00am Central Time

Call In Number: 1-800-259-9231
Listen Line Number: 760-569-7704

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I was only able to hear about 25 minutes of the broadcast this morning and was seriously considering skipping class to call in and be a part of it.

There needs to be a broadcast such as this just about every week - even then, ALL the victims of these fraudulent companies STILL will not be heard.

Each and every victim has a much different story to tell with the same end results: Abuse, Fraud, Belittled, Harrassed, and so on.

One voice DOES make a difference and eventually, that one voice will be heard by another, then another, then another. This IS the only way us victims will be able to keep our heads high and fight those 'too big for our britches' companies.

I want to thank everyone who I have ever spoken with concerning my situation and EMC & Florida Default Law Group's fraudulent ways. I am a much smarter person now than I was a year and half ago and gaining speed!!!

We will stick together and hold these people accountable for what they have done to us.

Please, let me know if there is going to be another broadcst as I will be more than happy to call in!!!!

Thanks again Denise for being a drive behind those of us that are being wronged and by inadvertently creating more and more activists.

We are the people and our voices will be heard!!!

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