Scam Alert: GoDaddy "Order Confirmation" email is a Scam

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Quick scam alert...DO NOT FALL FOR the latest email scam circulating. It arrives as an order confirmation from Go-Daddy and though it appears to look very authentic -it's anything but that. The email includes Go-Daddy's official phone number and logo and it also includes a few infected links that the scammers hope you will click on. When clicked on you will undoubtedly download malicious spyware onto your computer.
The phony order confirmation comes is a receipt for $357.00 worth of bulk domain names you  recently purchased and allows you to click on links and pictures in the email for additional info. 
Do not click on any links or pictures.

Go-daddy has been flooded with calls on this scam - and it's easy to see why. The email looks very legit. 

If you received this email, delete it immediately. 
If you received it and already clicked on the links - update your virus protection, run a full scan on your computer and dump all data you may have in your cache.

Today there are all sorts of cyber predators and con artists who spend their time creating ways to scam you. What's the best way to avoid falling victim to their tricks or traps?  Be wise to them!

UPDATE: June 23, 2010 Amazon order confirmation scam

If you receive an Amazon order confirmation email that indicates you have made an online purchase...yes, that's a scam too. Today I have heard from an array of consumers alerting me to an email scam similar to the above phony Godaddy email. Don't fall for it.

If you think you have infected your computer by clicking on a picture or link, immediately scan computer, empty cache, history and delete the email.   

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I got that E-mail this morning. It came to me but was addressed to a co-worker. That raised a red flag immediately. Called the co-worker, she know nothing about it. I hadn't clicked on anything in the E-mail, but there was one picture in the upper left hand corner which had not come across. That raised my suspicions even more, so I quickly called our corp.'s director of IT and gave him the heads up. THE FAKE E-MAIL WOULD NOT FORWARD (is that a clue, or what?) but I printed it and FAXed it over to him. Sure enough, he did the quick research and found your article. The scam is now deleted. If only these vermin would use their energies to do something good in life....

Thank you for getting this information out to the public Denise!

Shawn Mosch
Co-Founder of

I'm forwarding this column on, and have also written more about this experience for my monthly column in "The Local Oscillator", which is Crawford Broadcasting's Engineering Departments monthly newsletter. just go on the web site, click on the Engineering tab, scroll down to the bottom and look for the July 2010 issue. It will be out around July 1. You might want to check it out. Thanks for the nice words!

Art Reis

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