Florida activists rally to fight against wrongful foreclosures

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A group of Florida activists and attorneys have planned a "Hero Appreciation Day for Defenders of Justice along with a Strategic Defense Session" to be held near the Florida Annual Bar Convention in Boca Raton, Florida. For more details and on the event and actions leading up to it, see the below blog;

Florida Judicial Elections 2010:  Evict the Rocket Docket Offenders
By Guest Bloggers:
Lisa Epstein, of ForeclosureHamlet.org
Michael Redman, of 4closurefraud.org.

If you are the typical American citizen today, judicial elections have not exactly been front and center of your radar screen. If you are the typical American citizen today, the foreclosure crisis with its global impact has made its presence known in your home, bank account, paycheck, and savings.

If you are the typical American citizen today, you care about the judicial system.  Fairness and justice matter.  You want to trust that these two inviolable foundations of our court system will be there for you if you ever find yourself in front of a judge's bench.

Then it's time to get educated! 

Register to vote and be prepared to evict judges who are evicting millions of Floridians by granting wrongful foreclosures by the hundreds of thousands each year in rocket dockets where justice is based on what the banks' attorneys say is the truth, when what they say often directly conflicts with the facts.

It's a sad day indeed when we break out the champagne and celebrate wildly when Florida judges do the job of looking at the evidence with a critical eye and make a fair and just ruling.

The foreclosure crisis today is due to a very complex Wall Street con game.  Our government has chosen to allow millions of our fellow citizens to take the brunt of this crisis but some judges are starting to sit up, take notice, and put the breaks on the fraudulent foreclosures occurring in their courtrooms.

Judge Michael Traynor in St. Johns County recently threw out a foreclosure case because the bank couldn't get it's story straight.  Three times the bank tried to show evidence of its right to collect on the promissory note and foreclose the mortgage for non-payment.  The attorney for the homeowner simply asked the foreclosing bank to show how it had the right to foreclose on the family's home because another bank was listed as having that right.  Three times the bank produced conflicting "evidence" that changed to suit what the judge required before the lawsuit would be allowed to continue.  After the third time, the angry judge tossed the case out of court and scheduled an evidentiary hearing set for August 19th, 2010 where all the evidence would be reviewed and discussed.  At that hearing, this judge will determine if sanctions against the bank's foreclosure mill law firm will be appropriate and what those sanctions should be.

To celebrate attorneys who are asking simple questions and demanding answers and the judges that allow these questions to be asked, there is a Hero Appreciation Day in Boca Raton on June 25th where homeowners, tenants, real estate agents, mediators, title agents, paralegals, and housing activists can learn more about wrongful foreclosures as we honor the members of the Florida Bar and Bench who are on the side of the everyday Floridian up against the banks and their millionaire law firms.

Judge Traynor's lawsuit

Legal analysis by Lynn Syzmoniak 

Info on Judicial Elections
Event information: A Call to Arms - War Room, Bar Fight, Strategic Defense Unit

Where: Boca Raton Resort Mizner Room
When: June 25th, 2010 9am - 6pm

Hero Appreciation Day for Defenders of Justice and Strategic Defense Session
Sponsored by The Law Offices of Carol C. Asbury

This event will be held for both homeowners and attorneys alike.


Carol Asbury, Esq will speak on the meaning of Defending against predators as a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Lynn Szymoniak, Esq will speak on Assignment of Mortgage Shenanigans

Richard Carey, Esq will introduce us to the complex world of New Governmental Programs & Tricks and Traps of Short Sales after the debut of HAFA, foreclosure related Bankruptcy, and a sprinkling of stories from the trenches.

Ron Gillis, will speak on Notary Public Notary Shenanigans and how to file complaints with the governor's office.

Fraudulent Document Graveyard: View larger-than-life gravestones showcasing the fraudulent document(s) that are being filed in courtrooms across the state to "process" the foreclosures.

Network with the best attorneys / advocates in the state of Florida.

Awards Presentation/Raffle

Registration fee $35 per person through PayPal to foreclosurehamlet@gmail.com, plus  $10+tip valet parking upon arrival, light snacks provided, reserved block of waterfront hotel rooms $69+tax/night 30 mins from event (Fairfield Marriot Palm Beach at 561-582-2585 ask for the Foreclosure Hamlet rate)

We are trying to raise awareness on the issues that our state is facing regarding the foreclosure crisis and the event is for homeowners and attorneys alike.

This event is hosted by the founders of 4closureFraud.org and ForeclosureHamlet.org

Lisa Epstein
Michael Redman

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