Bloggers Unite for the Gulf

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The true impact of the massive Gulf Coast oil spill will not be realized for years to come.  Families along the coast are suffering unimaginable losses and sadness after the explosion that 50+ days ago claimed the lives of 11 workers and changed the lives of millions more forever.    

Join and learn how you can make a difference.   

Enough is Enough
By: Jason Teitelman

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a terrible reminder that we as citizens can not depend on big corporations or on our governments to look out for our best interests. Corporations have been, and always will be, concerned with one thing--making money for their shareholders. Safety for their workers, the environment or the people who live in the communities where they do their business comes a distant second to making that almighty dollar.

Our leaders aren't much better. Heads of regulatory commissions don't act on our behalf because they are mostly industry insiders who'd rather protect their friends' profits than protect welfare of their citizens. Congress rarely acts in our best interest because the voice of the powerful lobbyists with fat checkbooks drowns out that of the average citizen. At all levels, it is apparent that our leaders are more worried about donations and lucrative private sector jobs than they are about the people they were elected to serve.

This oil spill, this catastrophic disaster, is wreaking havoc on the natural habitats all along the gulf coast and it's true global environmental impact will not be known for some time. It's impact on the local economies of coastal towns is already being seen too, and, like the environmental impact, the true extent of the economic impact will not be seen for some time. Entire ecological systems are being destroyed. Families and communities are being devastated. Businesses and pristine wildlife are being lost forever.

This disaster needs to be the last straw. It is time for the people of the world to say "enough." Vote out leaders who do not take their commitment to their citizens seriously. Boycott brands that refuse to conduct their business safely and responsibly. Above all, raise your voice! Speak out for your rights, the rights of your community and for the rights of future generations.

Blogs have given each of us unprecedented reach and influence. Bloggers can use their medium to affect real change. Millions of bloggers across the globe can band together and say "enough." Together we can spread a message of change. Together we can take action to stop the cycles of corruption and impotence that allow careless corporations and ineffective governments to promote their selfish agendas while trampling all over the rights and the needs of the people.

It starts now. Its starts with you and with me. It starts when we go online, log in and post about how we will no longer stand for leaders who can't do their jobs, for companies that pollute, for CEO's who care about their profits more than their customers, for systems that reward the rich and powerful while ignoring the common man. One blog post may not change the world, but millions of authors speaking out alongside hundred of millions of readers can. Inform your readers. Inspire them to act. When we all cry out together, we will be heard.

Please join me on for Bloggers Unite for the Gulf. Please stand with me and tell the government and big oil "ENOUGH!" It's time we each take responsibility for making this world a wonderful place to live!

Jason Teitelman

In an earlier blog I warned about the fraudsters who are using the Gulf oil spill crises for their own financial gain. See Gulf Coast Oil Spill Spurs Scams.

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What is happening in the gulf at the moment is a really big concern. The oil could continue to leak for another couple of years if attempts to stop the leak continue to be unsuccessful Clearly we cant do with out oil as things stand at the moment, we are just too dependent for so many parts of our lives. Its easy to blame BP but accidents happen, just as cars crash and airplanes fall from the skys. Accidents are inevitable at some point with deep water drilling, the only problem is the consequences are so high when you consider how much oil can potentially leak.

This whole issue with BP is insanity. The total amount of spilling into the Gulf of Mexico sprung up by 1000s of barrels Wednesday right after an subaquatic droid apparently shook the containment cap that has been getting oil from BP's Macondo well. I question how much devastation this entire incident is going to cost the gulf when it's all over and done with

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