Consumers Union Urges Feds: Roll Back Unfair Credit Card Interest Hikes

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The economy's collapse is your fault - at least that's what the giant banks seem to be selling Washington these days to kill financial reform.

It's your fault the stock market collapsed and 7 million jobs were lost, mortgages were overvalued, home values plummeted and credit card rates skyrocketed. And it's your fault you got stuck bailing out the banks when they gambled, and lost, with your hard-earned money.

You have to be to blame, because the banks and Wall Street say they didn't do anything wrong! Just this week, the defiant CEO of failing Washington Mutual told a Senate panel that the lending giant was "unfairly" seized - despite an investigation that found it flooded the market with bad mortgages, used fraud in more than 80% of the loans coming from one top loan officer, and cut and pasted old loan applications into new ones.

Consumers Union is pushing for reform that holds bank CEOs accountable, and stops their blame game--but we need your help!

The banks and Wall Street took immense risks and made bad bets with your money because our weak financial laws let them. And they're telling Senators right now those laws shouldn't be changed!

We need a tough reform bill with no loopholes and strong enforcement to stop these abuses and 'too-big-to-fail' attitudes. And we need to push for a legitimate way for the millions of consumers hit last year with credit card rate hikes to have them rolled back if they're not related to their credit history.

The banks are spreading millions around Washington to convince Congress they've done nothing wrong.

Consumers Union is asking for a $5 donation to help them push to get a fair shake, not another shakedown. They will make sure Senators hear the real story! Help them -help you!

To find out how you to make a quick and easy donation: CLICK HERE.

Consumers Union Action Fund, Inc

Visit Americans for Fairness in Lending and sign the petition for a strong Consumer Financial Protection Agency.
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