Journalists Tracking Education Stimulus Spending -- and how you can help!

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The recent economic stimulus package included billions of education dollars. We all know that whenever large sums of money are involved, it is of utmost importance to follow its trail -- right from the start!  How else do we know where the money goes and how it's being spent?  Well, a new project supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation hopes to tackle that very problem.

A national project spearheaded by the Education Writers Association, a journalists organization for journalists and their communities created and they are going to track education stimulus spending in public schools across the country and in doing so, taking out the guesswork for taxpayers. 

Sponsored by the EWA, will document spending of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds in states, school districts and schools. It is a project of EWA and its members, and others interested in stimulus spending, assisted by HotType Consulting.  But this isn't just another website stuffed with indecipherable statistics: this is a community reporting project by journalists for journalists and their communities. is requesting journalists to link their stories about school spending, but also to comment about the issues surrounding stimulus dollars attached to education. But the web site would like to see parents, students, teachers and community members chime in as well. They hope to create a community and constant interaction on the page. Here's an excerpt from their new Welcome page:

If the federal government gave your school (or school district) a lot of money - A LOT OF MONEY - with few strings to help it through the bad economy, would you want to know how that money was spent?  That's what we thought.

And what if you were connected to education reporters all over the country who also wanted to know and could share what they were seeing in their communities?

All stories and tips will be coded by state, school district and schools to help reporters and their communities understand how these funds are being spent.  The Over time, a database of information will come together, free and available to anyone who wants to know where the money goes.

Well respected journalists, Mc Nelly Torres, Lori Crouch and Nirvi Shah are the brains behind EdMoney, based on ideas developed by Kent Fischer while he was on staff at the Dallas Morning News.

You can help to grow this database of information! 

They want you to send your stories and tips - which will be uploaded to the website. 

If you can help to grow this database of information, please submit your stories and tips to, or and read more about this worthy project at and help them -help watch over your kids and your dollars.

And don't forget to leave your comments or even links to important sites in your communities.
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