What will you say to Bank of America?

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For lots of us, the goal for 2010 is to make it as little like 2009 as possible. And for millions of Americans, that means trying to get a fresh start on their mortgages after Wall Street ravaged the economy.

But the big banks are making it next to impossible for them - piling on fees, then hiking up interest rates to squeeze out every last drop of profit. And one bank, Bank of America, is sitting on more of those bad mortgages than anybody else.

Tomorrow, homeowners from the PICO National Network are holding a meeting with a team of Bank of America executives.

011110-banks-bofameeting small.jpg This is a rare opportunity to sit, face-to-face, with the bank holding more bad mortgages than any other institution in America, and show them the devastation they've caused. The plan is to show them the damage their bank has done can't fit into one room.

SEIU is asking you to submit your story for a meeting with BofA execs! Let BofA know how Wall Street's greedy behavior has hurt you and your community by using the form to the right to share your story.

You have an opportunity to hold Bank of America accountable for what they've done. Here are a few of your recent stories about BofA, shared on this blog

Share the news and link and help them help you.

Source: SEIU


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