Elizabeth Warren; What part of we bailed you out do you not get?

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Elizabeth Warren

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Harvard Law Professor and Chairman of the TARP Oversight Committee, Elizabeth Warren made another appearance on The Daily Show last night.

When sharing her knowledgeable viewpoint on CEO's, banks and people in power she declared, "They get it. And they work best behind closed doors." If the decisions are in their hands, she said, "Nothing, nothing will change. You know, I want to turn to these guys sometimes, and I want to say: what part of 'we bailed you out' do you not get? These are people who would not have their jobs because they would not have their companies."

Watch the below video -and read a few earlier blogs here for more of her insights on financial regulatory reform and why we need a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Read more about her appearance on the Daily Show over at the Huffington Post here.

Also take a moment and read a few consumer stories that help to humanize and shed light on why a CFPA with stronger financial industry oversight and reform is needed.

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Thank you for your passion and diligence. This is an incredibly well formed and rich website.


I just read your 'About' page. I have to say that I rarely do. I wanted to see if I should address this comment to Ms or Mrs Richardson - but while reading the content, I decided to abandon that formality and simply commend you and add my endorsement of your effort and resources.

Unfortunately, I am simply 'lower middle-class' American, so my endorsement has no extrinsic value (no criticism - I am lamenting on my current inability to "rise up"). However, I wanted to impart genuine gratitude and well wishes upon you and your effort!!!

Keep up the good fight! I assure you that there are rewards which are not obvious for those who shepherd the lost and exert themselves against all manners of oppression.

With deepest gratitude,


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