Latest Bank Fee Gotcha; Making Credit Card Payment early may Trigger a $39 Late Fee!

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A consumer alert; watch out for more unfair bank fees. The Consumer Warning Network has uncovered yet another way customers are getting zapped by using a credit card.  Turns out, giant electronics retailer Best Buy and HSBC (Household Bank) that runs their credit card program, engage in some tricky billing that slaps a customer with a late fee for paying their monthly bill -too early.  In the wacky world of corporate finance gotchas... this is a new one.  Pay your bill early--get slapped with a late fee.

Watch the CWN's below video and listen to Florida resident Ron Jordan, retired FBI agent and certified fraud examiner and loyal Best Buy customer who discovered he was being charged a $39.00 late fee for paying his monthly payment too early! He rightfully questions, how many other consumers are unknowingly paying these unfair and erroneous late fees?

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