Holiday Gift Giving that Comes from the Heart!

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As the holidays approach, the hustle and bustle of shopping for gifts reaches a crescendo that has many people scurrying about here and there trying to find that must-have gift on someone's list. Gifts begin to pile up everywhere. It is a giving season that brings many a smile to millions of people everywhere. But have you ever stopped to think about those who will not have a smile -not even a gift?

Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are less fortunate and who can only watch from the sidelines rather than participate in all the fun. In fact, many of them sitting on the sidelines are children. 

Extend the warmth of the holiday spirit to those who are less fortunate. Why not spread a little cheer to those outside your immediate circle of family and friends? Some of the best gifts are the ones that are unexpectedly given by total strangers with kindness in their hearts. And some of the most rewarding feelings come from giving -not receiving. Be the one who gives someone the gift of knowing they matter. So many people are struggling in this down economy. You have the chance to make this holiday feel just a tiny bit special by giving to those who have less to be grateful about this year.

Happiness is catching even if the gift is simple. In fact, the needs of children are so simple that no child should go without colorful mittens to keep them warm or boots so they can play in the snow or walk to the school bus.

Shawn Mosch, a former scam victim and now crusader for scam victims, and co-founder of was touched by those who due to being scammed also realized it left them unable to provide basic needs to their family. In order to help add a little holiday cheer and a bit of goodwill,  Shawn and her husband Jeff initiated a Secret Santa campaign to help lighten the load on these parents and their kids. "Children don't understand that Santa cannot bring them a gift because Mommy and Daddy were scam victims, so now we help people who were in the situation that we were in so that children will still have the magic of Santa on Christmas morning" says Shawn. It's not too late to become a secret Santa. Help them -help those who need a helping hand.
Basic needs such as warm clothing and small toys are always important for every child to feel safe and loved. You can be part of that experience and discover for yourself how giving a small gift to strangers can be the best gift of all.

Don't forget our military families this holiday season.  You can opt to say thank you and help the families of our wounded warriors, families of fallen soldiers or the families of deployed troops who are away at war.  A few simple gifts that show that someone cares and understands the sacrifice that they make throughout the year and most especially this time of the year can help to show them you care. 

Choose any one of the many ways you can give from the heart and offer a child who really needs it --a chance to smile, laugh, or feel alive again!

If you are interested in trying to help families within your own community, you can try reaching out to your local news stations for their help on finding a needy family, charity or local organization in need. To send holiday packages directly to our troops, See Operation Gratitude  
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