Former Employee Video: "Why I was fired from Bank of America..."

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Jackie Ramos, a former "top performer" customer service employee a/k/a collections employee, at Bank of America (BofA), recently posted a video YouTube rant in which she describes how trying to help consumers got her fired. She explains that as an employee of BofA, she was encouraged to squeeze as much money as possible from the company's credit cardholders. Bank of America declined to comment on Ramos's video but confirmed her account of the firing according to the Huffington Post.

Read: Jackie Ramos Bank of America Employee, Fired for Helping Customers at Huffington Post.

Tell your Representative to vote YES on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173) Defend your has initiated a toll-free number to be directly connected to your House member. Tell their staff you support putting a cop on the consumer beat -- a tough watchdog whose only job is to look out for you, not the banks.

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Comment anonymously??? You must be kidding! I filed an anonymous complaint on BOA web-site & was told verbally 3 times my complaint would be anonymous.....The lying Mother Flower's at BOA cost me my entire family with issues from my complaint. My mother died 1/31/10 & I did not get to be with her the last year & a half of her life because of BOA.
Would love to talk with former employees concerning my pending lawsuit....Yes, I hope to take BOA down big time...they cost me basically my entire life! I will not stop until they pay dearly for this & fire my sister whom told my banking business to all family member's causing feuds. She also told the business os many others to my family. I want her unemployed, no retirement and not a pot to piss in. Piss on her...piss on Bank of America!

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