Website Difficulties lead way to a New and Improved Website Launch!

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Regrettably, the recent downtime of my website has been frustrating and disappointing for myself and my readers who have all come to rely on this website. My hosting provider experienced difficulties that spilled over and led to serious downtime.

Relying on others is something that we do every day without even realizing it. We expect the morning newspaper to appear on the front doorstep or online each morning without even wondering where it originates or how it consistently appears on a daily basis. In fact, almost everything we do depends on someone else doing their part - trains and buses running on time, airplanes on schedule, teachers in attendance at schools, and so on.

We learn to expect technology to function properly and perfectly without glitches, putting up with minor glitches with Internet use because these problems eventually go away. But what happens when our websites go away? What do we do then? How do we overcome the feelings of frustration or disillusionment that we feel? How do we let our loyal readers know that we haven?t abandoned them?

For many of the mentioned activities, a single day where something goes wrong and life simply does not go on in the same manner isn?t going to make much difference. Unfortunately, in the world of cyberspace, one or two days without live access to a website is damaging. How many days would it take to turn lack of hosting into a death sentence for the website?

We do rely on those who host our websites to provide the necessary infrastructure and to keep things running smoothly for us so we can continue to do what it is that we do best.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Lee, Ginger and the team at Heidel Design who went into overdrive to help me launch this new and improved site!  Their hard work, professionalism, patience and overall expertise turned what could have been a very stressful situation into a remarkably easy experience. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to develop and design a website or blog.

Thank you all for the many emails of concern while I've been down, and for your continued support!

- Denise

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