National Advocates and Attorneys to meet with Consumers at Free Expo in South Florida

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This weekend, South Florida is the place to be! Whether you have questions about fair lending practices, loan modifications, mortgage servicing issues, abusive debt collection practices, bankruptcy, foreclosure defenses, or want to know what's being done about abusive credit card interest rates, need advice about how to deal with identity theft, or abusive credit reporting practices, this event is for you!

National Consumer Advocates, consumer attorneys and non-profit groups are meeting in South Florida to respond to the needs of the public on an array of financial issues many families are facing today. In an effort to help consumers find the necessary resources to survive the current economic recession, Americans for Fairness in Lending, a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting predatory lending and reforming the credit industry, ( and myself will co-host the National Consumer Empowerment Conference and Expo in Hollywood FL.
The public will be able to ask questions about their own situation, share their financial crises, find resources, and hear their national advocates and consumer experts share their knowledge aimed at empowering consumers to deal with whatever particular financial dilemma they are facing.

Attendees include:

Americans for Fairness in Lending
Ira Rheingold, Executive Director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates
Credit Union Strategic Planning and American Debt Relief Challenge
Florida AARP
Florida CHAIN
Identity Theft Victims Support Group of North America
Attorney Robert Murphy, NACA Board Member and Law Professor
National Organization of Victims Assistance
Scam Victims United
John Watts, NACA Attorney /debt collection and foreclosure defenses
Attorney Anthony Adelson, Backruptcy Attorney
Deidre E. Newton, HAMP Specialist
... and more! 
Place & Time

Crowne Plaza, Hollywood Beach Hotel,
4000 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood FL 33019

November 21, 2009

Panel of Speakers along with Q & A are at 1:00, 2:00 and 4:00
Expo Open to the public 1-5 pm


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Thank you again for putting this event together, and for including myself and Scam Victims United in it.

Co-Founder of

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