Memo to Wall Street: It's simple, put pregnant women and children first.

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While pregnant woman, children and those with weak immune systems wait in long, long lines to get a dose of the H1N1 vaccine, we learn that Wall Street's wants -once again comes before Main Street's needs. They not only get to move to the front of the line -they don't have a line at all.   

As the below investigative report shows, while hospitals scramble to get enough vaccines for their high risk patients -and families across this country wait in massive lines to secure a flu vaccine, it seems a number of powerful firms on Wall Street already have access to the vaccine. In a "generous" move though, since this report aired, many of these firms are now offering to donate their secured allotment of vaccines to area hospitals.

As usual, it looks as though corporate America will only make a move to do what's right -after their wrongs have been exposed! This narcissistic, it's all about me, me, me attitude, validates taxpayer outrage and the need for implementing a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

You would think that the financial industry would be a little grateful to the taxpayers who bailed them out of a billion-dollar hole, but no.  In another stunning slap in the face to consumers trying to weather the current economic downturn, big banks are leading the charge AGAINST the kinds of financial reform that would ease mortgage restrictions and create opportunities for more homeowners to avoid foreclosure and protect financial interests.

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Very aptly said.

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