University of NC Hacker puts 236,000 Women at Risk for Identity Theft

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has reported a hacker breached data on one of its servers that places 236,000 woman at risk for identity theft. The woman were participating in a mammography study in North Carolina. Among the information exposed: the Social Security numbers of 163,000 study participants.  
UNC officials are sending out breach notification letters to all 236,000 study participants.
Women whose personal data may have been compromised are urged to place a fraud alert on their credit files by contacting one of three major credit bureaus.(Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.
If you have questions about this breach, or the UNC-CH study, call 877-434-3065 starting Monday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Data breaches like this go a long way in proving that we really have very little control over our own information. When information is hacked or stolen it is usually sold to multiple thieves via the many underground chat rooms where buyers then use that information to commit additional crimes, empty bank accounts, apply for credit, obtain housing, cell phones, cars, medical services and employment, often without your knowledge. 

Take control of your identity -before someone else does!

Whether it be reviewing your credit reports, placing fraud alerts, freezing your credit, or hiring experts to do the work for you, doing so before being notified of a data theft is key to reducing the impact -and risk of identity theft.

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