Cyber Security; Cell Phone Hackers Stealing your Privacy, Identity and Peace of Mind

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You may think you are downloading a game -but you may be downloading malicious key-logging software that has the ability to intercept email and SMS text messages, allow hackers to listen-in on voice conversations and even track your location.

Nearly one out of every 63 smart-phones is infected with some form of malware, according to a study conducted by SMobile Systems - a company that provides security solutions for mobile phones.

The study of 1,958 smart-phones revealed infections by Spyware, Viruses Worms and Trojans, as well as hundreds of unlicensed software programs were installed on the handsets reviewed. A comparison of these statistics to the worldwide smart-phone population places the number of infected devices globally into the millions. That's scary.

Many infected cell phone users are completely unaware their devices have been compromised. "With millions upon millions of new devices in the market, the likelihood of unwanted infection increases," said Neil Book, president of SMobile Systems. "The sophistication and ease of spreading malware is escalating; as such, the need for handset-based security has never been greater."

SMobile Systems currently sells software that can protect smart phone users from malware, hackers and physical compromise with its anti-virus, firewall and remote lock, locate, wipe and backup features. I found the software over the weekend and downloaded easily. If there are any problems, I will let you know. I do think in today's world each and every smartphone should have this type of security built into the device.

A few steps you can take to minimize your smartphone's vulnerabilities and lessen your risk of identity theft include; making sure your firewall is enabled, check for security patches and do not accept, open or click on embedded links that come from unknown of suspicious emails and texts.


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Wows'er! I never thought about my Blackberry being at such risk. I have two and tend to leave them around on desks and elsewhere often. Is nothing safe from hackers anymore? I will pass this on and look into security further. Thanks for pointing this out Denise. I really enjoy your blogs.

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