Settlement of $1.375 million when so-called "Free Trial Offer" came with a Price...

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In a win for consumers one company has agreed to a $1.375 million settlement involving  deceptive online sales practices. The suit was brought about by the Arizona AG's office after they received numerous consumer complaints against the company, Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc. who didn't live up to their promise that their product came with a "free trial offer". 

In the suit, brought about by the Arizona Attorney General, the AG alleged that CCN used a variety of deceptive tactics marketing low-cost "risk-free" trial offers of health supplements. According to the complaints, consumers who purchased the low-cost "risk-free trial offers" of CCN's health supplements were also charged for costly products and services that they did not request. These included pre-selected "up-sell" products that the consumer had to actively de-select in the online order form to avoid being charged. When consumers tried to contact CCN regarding the unauthorized charges, they often faced hold times over an hour and their e-mails never received a response.

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Consumers who believe they were the victim of CCN's deceptive marketing must file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office by close of business on Monday, August 17 to be eligible for restitution from the settlement.  To file a complaint call 602-542-5763, 800-352-8431 or send an email to

This type of "bait and switch" advertising, whether online or on TV, is deceptive. It reminds me of those similar ads with the singing pirates touting  so-called free credit reports -that aren't really free either. 

I'm glad to see the AG took a stand on this type of deceptive advertising. We can only hope more will follow...  

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