Americans for Fairness in Lending; Help them Help you fight predatory lending practices

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You know me. I'm not shy about pointing out the shady dealings and less than upfront practices of the credit reporting industry, credit card issuers, lenders, website scammers and anti-consumer legislation. Those who know me know that I'm also just as quick to get up on the rooftop and start shouting about pro-consumer organizations and resources that can benefit the public.

AFFIL, Americans for Fairness in Lending, is that kind of resourceful organization, and it's a great time for to Florida (and other states) to get acquainted with their work--because they want to expand their reach and help unite consumers with their advocates.

For more see my most recent post on the SunSentinel Online Editorial Blog; Floridians can benefit big-time by becoming involved with AFFIL.  

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