Survey Shows Women Impacted by Identity Theft More Often than Men

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A recent survey on identity theft points out that woman have a higher risk of identity theft than men do. And women also more concerned about identity theft, spend more time and lose more money -when a theft occurs. 

The SunSentinel reports the survey taken by Affinion polled 808 households, half of whom reported they had been victims of identity theft and half of whom had not. The fact that out of 808 households surveyed, half of them reported they had already been victims of identity theft begs the question, how long before the other half are too?
Poll results indicating that woman more than men are concerned about identity theft occurring, may just be linked to our upbringing. We've been trained from the day we carry our first purse, to be aware of our surroundings and the dangers lurking. We're taught to be on the offense and always be on alert.    
It's interesting too, that this poll found found that more women than men reported being victims of identity theft and wonder if something as real as men vs. women shopping habits could be attributed to that?
It's well known that women tend to be the shopper of the family and as such, they not only shop more frequently, carry more department store cards,  receive more catalogs and perhaps in doing so, end up sharing their data more often then men.  Whether it be shopping via catalog, online, at grocery or department stores and even while at home on TV shopping networks, the more you turn over your data, the more at risk you are. Not that we need to stop shopping -we just need to take precautions.
The study also found that once women suffer the effects of an id theft, they tend to be more aggressive than men in changing behaviors and often turn towards identity theft protection services to help them reduce any future risks -choosing to avoid any future losses. After suffering the impact of fraud and enduring countless frustrations and hours trying to restore my identity, that's exactly what I did.  I learned that if I didn't have to go it alone again, I certainly never wanted to! I ended up turning that burden over to LifeLock after researching a variety of services that could give me  peace of mind, value and convenience. The truth is, nowadays we are more likely to have our identities stolen than our car. And yet we take many measures to insure our cars are secure. We lock the doors, install alarms, park in secure garages, and carry theft insurance. Shouldn't we be just as proactive with our identities before any damage occurs?

For more on this study see, Sun-Sentinel: Women are more often victims of ID theft,...


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