McDonald's Warns of Fake "Take a Survey" Scam

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Emails claiming to offer a $50 - $80.00 reward for simply filling out a McDonald's customer satisfaction survey, have been circulating on the web. It's a scam devised to steal your credit card information. Don't fall for it.

The email congratulates you on being selected to participate in a quick survey and encourages you to be a part of improving McDonald's services. As a thanks for completing the survey, they will issue you a credit in an amount of $50.. -$80.00 to your credit card. Once the fake survey form is completed, you are prompted to enter your name, email address, credit card number, expiration date, verification number and pin number.

McDonald's says they are aware that this scam has been circulating and the email pretends to be from McDonald's, but they have nothing to do with the email.

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1 Comment

Thanks to your article I alerted my bank of the scam and they have now cancelled my card and put a block on it and flagged it for the fraud division

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