Kids and Identity Theft; A new kind of kidnapping

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Kids make perfect targets for identity thieves because the theft of a child's identity can go undetected for a long period of time. Often, the theft isn't discovered until a young adult is denied a student loan, credit or employment, all because of a destroyed credit rating.

For more info see: Four Ways to Protect Your Kids from Identity Theft

Because the Social Security Administration does not yet have a "check and balance" system in place to tie names, ages and genders to social security numbers, thieves are able to manipulate the identities of children and use them to their advantage. Your toddler may be working in diapers, purchasing a car or buying a home -without knowing it!

Here's three stories from this week's headlines; 

Son of Miami Police Officer, 11 years old victim of identity theft

MIAMI, April 1 (UPI) -- A Florida woman is trying to clear her 11-year-old son's credit record after someone used his Social Security number to obtain credit and spend, spend, spend.

Jake LeGette discovered he had a problem when he tried to open a bank account to deposit the money he had saved from gifts and doing chores, ABC News reported. The bank rejected him, saying someone was already using his Social Security number.

Lori LeGette, Jake's mother, said that her job as a police officer in the Miami area has not helped her untangle the mess. MORE

FBI: Stolen information on 7,000 Puerto Rican Children place them at risk of ID theft

(CNN) As many as 12,000 Puerto Rican schoolchildren, teachers and school administrators are believed to be victims of an identity-theft ring that sold stolen personal documents to illegal immigrants in the mainland United States, according to the FBI.

A federal grand jury this week indicted eight people on charges of identity theft, aggravated identity theft and Social Security fraud.

"In search warrants, we found over 5,000 different types of identification documents -- originals and copies, Social Security cards and birth certificates," FBI spokesman Harry Rodriguez said in a telephone interview Tuesday from San Juan.

"They were selling them as a set; an original birth certificate and Social Security card sold for $150 or more. Copies sold for $40 or more," he said. MORE

For more information on how to protect your kids, from identity thieves, see earlier blogs

UPDATE: Another new headline from Friday, April 3rd...

Details of 33,000 children stolen Laptop

A number of laptops were stolen in the burglary. An investigation is under way after a computer containing the details of 33,000 children was stolen...MORE

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