Dateline's Investigation into the Financial Crises Continues this weekend

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Don't miss Dateline's investigation into the U.S. economic troubles that airing this weekend. Watch a clip from last week's show and find links to more Dateline videos below. 

Dateline's series on the financial crises began last Sunday with "If you had a pulse, we gave you a loan"... Here's what's coming up tonight; Debt in America and Its Collectors

Friday, March 27: Debt Trap
As the mortgage crisis and mounting job losses melt away the American dream, another fundamental economic crisis has emerged: America's debt epidemic. NBC's Chris Hansen investigates how families got mired in debt and, with hidden cameras, exposes dirty tactics used by some collection agencies. Airs at 10 p.m. ET

Sunday, March 29:  Promises, Promises
UPDATE: Due to sports coverage Sunday's show was postponed to a later date.
With the economy in free fall and unemployment reaching record highs, Hansen investigates two schemes that sound too good to be true. One involves scams targeting people desperately searching for jobs, and the other, a self-professed visionary who claims he can increase gas mileage by 50 percent. Airs at 7 p.m

A clip from last week's show is below. Find additional investigative reports and videos here
"If you had a pulse, we gave you a loan"...

Inside the fiasco that led to the mortgage mess and Countrywide's collapse" .

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