The price of a Data Breach...How Many will be Affected?

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As was reported yesterday,Heartland Payment Systems Inc., the nation's sixth-largest payment processor reported a massive data breach. Now it appears reports of those affected are coming out of the woodwork, and there will be many more to follow.

Maine credit and debit card holders appear to be among the victims of the Heartland breach.

The Maine Credit Union League says several Maine credit unions have been told by Visa and MasterCard that fraudulent charges were placed on members' cards between mid-May and mid-August of last year.

Heartland Payment, which is based in Princeton, N.J., and processes cards for 250,000 business nationwide, revealed this week that its system was breached last year. The company said an undetermined number of card numbers and cardholders' names were captured, but not Social Security or personal identification numbers. For more info on Heartland's data breach...See yesterday's blog.

More than 180 Victims of Credit Card Theft Ring in Georgia

A Metro Atlanta theft ring continued to grow Wednesday night.  More than 180 people became victims after eating at the same restaurant.  Investigators said a Paulding County restaurant was also a victim.

An online data processing system was hacked from the outside and more victims went forward to authorities Wednesday.

Jeff Dillard said he had no idea his Mexican dinner back in November would end up costing so much.  A few days after eating at Fiesta Azteca, Dillard said someone hit his bank account for $742. MORE

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