Express Scripts Reports Blackmail Threats over Data Theft...

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Data thieves are blackmailing a U.S. prescription drug management company threatening to release millions of patient records held by the company unless they pay up. Is extorting money for data -the sign of things to come in this down economy? Historical data proves that when the economy is down, identity theft and white collar crime spikes -and criminals continue to find new and innovative ways to steal, hack or pilfer data!

Express Scripts, said on Thursday it received a letter in early October with the names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and some prescription information for at least 75 patients. The company provides benefit management services to health care organizations, insurers and other businesses.

The FBI is investigating these threats and Express Scripts is offering credit monitoring services and has dedicated a website to provide information on this incident to its customers, and those who this breach may affect.

Express Scripts website states:

"In early October, Express Scripts received a letter from an unknown person or persons trying to extort money from the company. This unknown person or persons threatened to expose millions of the company's members' records on the Internet if the extortion threat was not met. The extortion letter included personal information on 75 members including their social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and in some cases, prescription information.

Express Scripts notified the FBI immediately after receiving the letter and there is an official investigation underway. We also notified the members whose information was contained in the extortion letter. The company has also launched its own investigation with the help of top experts in data security and computer forensics.

While we are unaware at this time of any actual misuse of any members' information, we understand the concern that this situation has caused our members.

This site is designed to keep you updated on developments concerning that situation and to provide you with important tools and resources to help protect yourself against identity theft.

We are taking this situation very seriously and want to reassure you that we are committed to doing what we can to secure your data.

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