ClickJacking - Another security challenge

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Has your machine been slow to respond lately?  I don't mean on start-up, we all know that this is an indication that you've collected to many SpyWare programs.  I am referring to when you are surfing the Web with your Browser.  Have you noticed that it is starting to take more than one click to get where you want to go?  If so, then you may already be experiencing a new security threat, called Click Jacking.

Click Jacking is what happens when you are viewing a website, and the attacker (which you never see), is able to select the links on the page that they want you to be directed to.  Imagine that they have embedded a new link on a web site with less than adequate security, and now they are redirecting you to an even more hostile site to subject your computer to even more attacks by their new web site.  This redirection of clicks, is called Click jacking.

ClickJacking was to be a presentation at a security conference in September.  The original authors were ready to present their findings at the New York Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) in September.  When they discovered how serious the issues with Click Jacking really were, they withdrew their presentation so that they could present their findings to the vendors of the Web Browsers.  In case you were thinking, yes the Internet Explorer is subject to this type of attack, along with Adobe.

Fortunately, those of you that have already switched your browsers by installing the Mozilla Firefox browser, have a solution for protecting themselves.  The No Script add-on will protect the Firefox browser from getting clicked jacked.  If you have not gotten the Fire fox browser yet, I highly recommend that you do, as it can protect you now, rather than waiting for the other browser vendors to update their software.

While there are many security issues on the web today, the number of vulnerabilities continues to grow on almost a daily basis.  Your best approach to being protected is to use the best tools for security -any questions or concerns feel free to email me.

By: Guest Blogger
Albert E. Whale,
ABS Computer Technology, Inc

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