Investigating our Economic Calamity and the Subprime the "SpotLight"

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Multiple Emmy Award winning journalist, Author, filmmaker and "News Dissector" Danny Schechter, talks about his latest book Plunder, Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal.

Danny Schechter has spent decades as a "truth teller" in the media as an independent filmmaker. Danny is also co-founder of the the award-winning company Globalvision.  In Debt We Trust, America Before the Bubble Bursts was the first to expose Wall Street's connection to subprime loans, predicting the economic crisis that his latest book Plunder investigates. Danny was among the first to investigate and cover the S&L crisis. He predicted and warned of this current credit squeeze -long before it became reality.

If you are concerned about our economy and want to know the truth -and what Danny's thoughts are on this current crises...this is a show you won't want to miss!  

Tune into the live show on SpotLight today at 1:00PM EDT by going to

UPDATE: If you missed the live show -her is the audio and link to various options for you to listen, share, and download. 

More on our Guest:
Danny Schechter, nicknamed "The News Dissector," is a television producer, independent filmmaker, blogger, and media critic who writes and lectures frequently about the media in the United States and worldwide. His career began as the "News Dissector" at Boston radio station WBCN. Later, Schechter was a producer for the ABC newsmagazine 20/20. He produced 50 segments for ABC and won two national Emmy Awards and was nominated for two others. Schechter joined the start-up staff at CNN as a producer based in Atlanta. In all, Schechter has reported from 49 countries.

Danny helped found, and serve as the executive producer of, Globalvision, a New York-based television and film production company. He founded and executive-produced the series South Africa Now and co-produced Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television. His work specializes in investigative journalism and producing programming about the interface between human rights, journalism, popular music and society.

Danny Schechter is also the executive editor of, for which he is the "blogger-in-chief" and writes a nearly-3000-word daily blog entry on media and society

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