Identity Theft Victims Thrown in Jail for Crimes They Didn't Commit

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If you learn your information has been stolen or compromised, whether through a data breach, dumpster diver or a lost or stolen wallet, you're not only at risk for identity theft -but you could easily land in jail!

You know the importance of safeguarding your information to prevent an identity theft, as best you can, but do you know the importance of reporting stolen information, including a lost or stolen wallet, to the police?

It's important to take proactive measures to lessen the impact and odds of an identity theft but what happens when your information is used to commit crimes? You end up with a criminal record -that isn't so easy to rectify. Ultimately, the thieves who steal your information are criminals -and you can bet that identity theft is not the only crime they are committing. If they commit other crimes in your name, you may not learn about it for years to come.  If there is a warrant out for your arrest -it may catch up to you when you least expect it and you may not be able to explain your innocence as easily as you think?

Read Rose Jackson's story below, (and earlier entries) to understand the importance of filing police reports, and following through on notifying the proper agencies on any suspected identity theft.

Woman Describes Her Real-Life Identity Theft Nightmare

Orange County Florida, WFTV. -- An Orange County woman is living an identity theft victim's nightmare. She's been to jail and court several times just to clear her name and she's still facing check fraud charges in two counties.

"I was stuck. There was nothing I could do," victim Rose Jackson told Eyewitness News.

Rose said she had little choice but to wait for months in jail for the first of four trials on forgery and grand theft charges. Her name started showing up on bogus checks after her purse was stolen two years ago. She wishes she had filed a police report immediately, because now she says no one believes the mother of two was a victim of identity theft.

"You know, they don't care, because everybody in jail says, 'It wasn't me. I didn't do it,'" she said.

Rose said bonding out in one county wouldn't work, because she was wanted in four different counties.

It all started at a St. Cloud supermarket where someone cashed a phony payroll check with Rose Jackson's full name on it. Rose says she has no idea who might have cashed the check, not just there but in Polk, Highlands and Hernando counties as well.

Rose had to hear from her children by mail as she awaited two trials. Both times, judges found she was not the woman who created or cashed the fake checks.

Rose is out on bond now, waiting for two more trials and finding it is nearly impossible to clear her name in the face of mounting charges in counties all around the state.

"You have no idea how it feels to continually go to jail for something you didn't do," Rose said.

Experts recommend anyone who's lost a wallet or purse to immediately file a police report and then tell police again if you believe you're a victim of identity theft and keep all paperwork with you at all times.


Unfortunately, this type of story isn't an isolated incident. Criminal Identity Theft Category and follow the ID theft prevention category.

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Hi Jay -Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog.

I checked out -and was a bit confused while
maneuvering around the site.

Just some constructive critique...

I have been unable to find anywhere on their site who they are, where they
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These are legitimate concerns of many consumers and advocates, especially in today's economy, and rightfully so.

When I visited their site and clicked on "the story" I assumed that I would hear all about why they initiated this product/service and who the execs were, etc.. I was disappointed to see none of the above info was included.

Again, just some constructive criticism -and my opinions.

I receive questions and comments on these types of services -almost daily, and can tell you truthfully -these days, consumers have a right to full disclosure and shouldn't blindly trust anyone or any company that doesn't offer it.


Beware of Solus ID. They are a scam. I purchased their Platinum Protection 2 months ago and they have failed to provide me with service OR a refund despite numerous phone calls. All I ever got from them were excuses.

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