LifeLock Announces eRecon

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Text-heavy Web sites boast bulk listings of personal information on sale for a few hundred dollars a bundle. These sites operate beneath the surface, hidden where the average Web surfer would never look. And for a quick transaction online, a criminal can buy your good name and certain identification numbers that goes along with it. This could result in debt that will affect your credit and take you hours, weeks or even years to clean up.

LifeLock one of the many ID theft protection services on the market today says through this eRecon service, they are able to scour the Internet on a daily basis on behalf of its members searching for Social Security, credit card, bank account, and drivers' license numbers, passwords/PINS and more that match their name or personal data.

If matching information is found a representative will immediately alert members who are at risk so they may then change PIN numbers, transfer bank accounts and cancel credit cards that are open to fraud.

"LifeLock has been using readily available tools to provide complete identity theft protection," said LifeLock CEO Todd Davis. "This new service provides us a broad, comprehensive look into areas where personal information is often compromised. This protective layer is something that most consumers cannot do for themselves and we are proud to offer it now - at no additional cost."

As identity theft cases continue to rise (the Federal Trade Commission reports that in 2007, Americans registered more than 800,000 complaints of fraud and identity theft, up from 670,000 in 2006), more and more thieves are turning to the Web as a fast way to make a buck and take over identities. When trying to figure out which, if any, ID theft protection service fits your needs, be sure to do your homework and make an informed decision. 

 UPDATE: Please note that this blog was written in 2009. My views on identity theft protection services have greatly changed, as did the services offered, the policies and less than transparent partnerships. In an effort to ensure these older blogs don't mislead readers, please take time to check the date of any blog relating to identity theft protection services. Anything dated pre-2012 that has not been updated, should NOT be considered as an accurate portrayal of today's much more informed opinions. 

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I am surprised, I never think that my Id can be stolen and used for others purpose.

I understand even Microsoft is now prioritizing data security. About time.

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