Let the Borrowers/Victims be Heard at future Hearings and Investigations...

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The public needs to hear the truth from the homeowners who had their lives ruined by the corporate greed and criminal activity that caused this economic crisis.

Jack Wright, victim of mortgage servicing fraud and founder of msfraud.org says, "People were denied equal protection and due process under the law by a mostly incompetent judiciary who aided and abetted the corporations in their "torture of huge numbers of people"... Washington MUST allow homeowners to testify at the Bailout Hearings.


Here are just some of the comments made by ex-employees of Ameriquest -


Sell the loan no matter what it takes

cut and paste credit reports,

 use white out,

 brain wash,

Close loan at all costs

Minimum quota -or lose your job

We play with peoples futures

Unethical practices and even fraud

Free trips, cash prizes and cars -incentives to push sales

fill out stated income paperwork later...

Watch video:

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"The biggest investment most Americans make is now the target of one of the country's largest financial scams and labeled: "The Perfect Crime." When fully exposed, this will make Enron look like a parking ticket

- MSFraud 2003


Homeowners on msfraud.org were well aware of unethical and fraudulent schemes that resulted in their losing their homes. They diligently and furiously called and wrote the media, Judges and government officials desperately trying to raise awareness to the extent of the known fraudulent practices, save their homes and expose the truth.


They fought in vain to warn everyone what would happen if these practices were left to continue -all while Ameriquest became the Super Bowl sponsor and appeared as though they were an all American company. Nobody seemed to believe the homeowners, nor did anyone take the time to investigate their pleas for help to expose the truth.  Although at least one TV reporter tried -but shortly after the story aired -she abruptly left her station. Seems many victims who sought out media coverage would quickly realize they were blocked  from telling their stories due to corporate fear -fear of angering advertisers and losing  advertising dollars -a valuable commodity to all print and media agencies. We will never hear the real truth unless these victims are allowed to speak at any future investigative hearings to come.


Let your representatives know that you want to hear the whole story -the truth and nothing but the truth. The only way that will happen, is if the very people who have been sounding the alarm, crying foul and screaming FRAUD (for many years) are called upon to speak!

Also see video of Danny Schechter - trying to tell the real story at earlier blog:

Bringing The Wall Street Crisis to Main Street.

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