University of Texas at Dallas: Data Hacked 9,100 Placed at Risk of Id Theft

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Computer hackers may have gotten Social Security numbers and other personal information for 9,100 people connected to the University of Texas at Dallas, creating the potential for identity theft.

University officials said Thursday it was unclear whether hackers actually viewed the information, but names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers were exposed.

It was UTD's second computer breach in recent years. In December 2006, names and Social Security numbers of up to 35,000 faculty, students and staff may have been exposed to hackers. No arrests were ever made in that case.

The latest attack was discovered July 12. UTD did not alert those affected until Thursday because determining exactly whose data may have been exposed took time, officials said. The university's computer security staff found the intrusion.

"The reason we discovered this is because they were on the job, they look for it," said Susan Rogers, UTD's vice president for communications. "Every day, computers in university systems are subject to constant battering from external sources who are trying to get in. Security is a constant issue."

Those whose personal information is at risk are being contacted by e-mail and letter.

They include:

• 4,406 students who were on the Dean's List or graduated between 2000 and 2003.

• 3,892 students who were contacted to take part in a survey by the Office of Undergraduate Education in 2002.

• 88 staff members from Facilities Management.

• 716 faculty and staff members listed in a space inventory record from 2001.

UTD is working with law enforcement to try to identify the hackers, but Ms. Rogers declined to specify which agencies. After the 2006 attack, university officials say, UTD reconfigured the system to block access by intruders.

"This is an issue of constant examination, and it's one that we have to always be wary of," Ms. Rogers said, referring to hackers.

The information at risk in the latest breach was collected and saved before UTD stopped using Social Security numbers and began creating its own system to identify students and school personnel. The information was stored on a computer hard drive.

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