Data Intrusion at Dominion Enterprises places 92,000 Applicants IFMG's finance websites at risk for Identity Theft

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Dominion Enterprises announced this week that a computer server within InterActive Financial Marketing Group (IFMG), a division of Dominion Enterprises located in Richmond, Virginia, was hacked into and illegally accessed by an unknown and unauthorized third party between November 2007 and February 2008.

The data intrusion resulted in the potential exposure of personal information, including the names, addresses, birth dates, and social security numbers of 92,095 applicants who submitted credit applications to IFMG's family of special finance Web sites.

Dominion Enterprises is mailing letters to the individuals whose personal information it can determine was illegally accessed. The company is offering one full year of free credit monitoring services to all affected parties, and has provided information about additional resources where consumers can learn how to help protect themselves from identity theft.

"We deeply regret this incident and apologize for the concern and inconvenience it has caused," said Dominion Enterprises President and CEO Conrad M. Hall. "We are committed to helping those who were affected and strongly encourage them to sign up for the complimentary credit monitoring and to take the action steps outlined in our letter."

With the help of experts in data and network security, the company has taken immediate steps to enhance the security of IFMG's systems and to protect the personal information that applicants submit on IFMG Web sites.
Further, Dominion Enterprises has alerted law enforcement and will work with authorities on the criminal investigation into the security breach.

Source: Dominion Enterprises


As news of data loss continues to fill the news, it definitively proves one important point...we have little control of our own data!

I live in a hurricane state where we hope for a hurricane free season and pray a hurricane never strikes -yet we must prepare as if one will!

That's what we need to do when it comes to identity theft!

Prepare as if it is going to happen and be sure to place safeguards that will lessen the impact if the worst occurs!

Be prepared and have a plan of action if you are one of the millions notified that your information has been compromised. Do you know what to do and who to call if  or your wallet, phone or personal information has been hacked, lost of stolen?

For more info see earlier blog entries, video and tips on what you can do to protect yourself ;

Are you one of the tens of millions to be notified your information is in the hands of thieves? Do you have a plan of action?

Do you know what steps to take if your information is stolen?

Videos, tips and additional info see:What should I do?

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I got one of these letters and i signed up for the free credit monitoring services however when i go to log into the site all i get are error messages. does this site actually exist?

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