Binding Arbitration: What does it Really Mean?

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Have you signed away your rights without knowing it? Are the cards stacked against you?

Tune into Spotlight: Thursday July 3rd @ 1:00 PM -2:30 PM EDT

Ira Rheingold, Executive Director and General Counsel of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and Janet Ahmad, President of HomeOwners for Better Building discuss the costly and harmful effects of binding mandatory arbitration and how it affects consumers, our rights and our justice system.

If you have questions, email or phone them in to: 718-664-6583

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IDT carmal is sueing me through the NAF. I have never heard of them and I am concerned from what i have heard that the collection agency will win and I don't want to have my wages garnished. I live in the State of NH and I do know that the have a non-continuos wage garnishment, does not help me much. Can the NAF have my wages garnished or do they Have to come to NH to a court with me there?



Attorney Watts (mentioned in the above entry) is in Alabama -but he may be able to provide some insight as he is very experienced in this area of law and your rights under Federal law.

Also -you can go to and look up a NACA attorney in your area of NH that can assist you. It's so vitally important that you know your rights - and only experienced attorneys can provide you with the info that can best help you. Please keep us posted.

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