The Threat of Foreclosure: Brings Desperation and sometimes Death

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A woman in Taunton, Massachusetts killed herself after faxing a letter to the mortgage company saying that she would be dead by the time they foreclosed on her home.

Police said 53-year old Carlene Balderrama fatally shot herself with her husband's high-powered rifle Tuesday afternoon, 90 minutes before the couple's foreclosed home was to be sold at auction.

The mortgage company called police after they received the fax.

Officers found Balderrama's body shortly afterward.

Police officials said Balderrama's husband never saw it coming.

"He had no idea. She handled all the bills and he just had no idea. This really is a tragedy," said Taunton Police Chief Raymond O'Berg. Authorities said Balderrama left a note for her family that said her life insurance money should be used to pay off the house.


A recent email: A desperate homeowner seeking help...

Our Lender or the loans servicer has put us in foreclosure and is returning the payments.

The issue is over a payment they say they did not receive.

We are being bullied even though we have the canceled check in question.

Their entire push is to have us sign a document that makes us pay all kind of fees and late payments.

This amount is over $10,000 and will be attached to the loan balance.

They say this is the only way to stop the foreclosure.

We don't have the money to fight this in court!

Where can we go for help? We have all the documented facts if we can get someone to listen.

If you can help please email

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