LifeLock CEO to Answer Questions in First online Town Hall Meeting

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Marks & Klein, has filed its sixth class action lawsuit against LifeLock and its CEO Richard "Todd" Davis.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this week in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. This latest action follows similar suits filed against LifeLock filed by Marks & Klein in Florida, California, West Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey.

They allege LifeLock's advertising campaign misleads and basically confuses consumers and they overstate the level of identity protection the company provides. They additionally allege, that Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock has had his own identity stolen at least 20 times -which in reality is false, according to Todd Davis. See: Today Show & CNN Videos

With each passing day, and each new lawsuit filed by Marks & Klein, it appears they are on a mission to take down LifeLock. These lawsuits are viewed by many to be more about money, than they are about "protecting" consumers!

What hasn't been pointed out in the media is that the plaintiffs in these cases haven't suffered any damages, never suffered an identity theft , they never contacted LifeLock to report any problem and they never once requested their subscription money be returned.

Marks & Klein continue to claim they are "helping" their clients and the rest of us in getting our money back. But what about those of us who want someone in our corner should our identity be compromised or stolen? What if we don't want our money back?

Who will really benefit from these lawsuits? And how much harm will they cause?

Lawsuits that are filed without merit (or damages) have a destructive effect on our judical system. These types of lawsuits give the appearance that our justice system is being used for a private agenda for financial profit and that view is chilling. I can only hope that the Judges hearing these cases will agree -and then do something about it!


Todd Davis answers consumer's questions live online

Todd Davis, LifeLock CEO, will answer questions live from the public on the company's first online town hall meeting this Friday, June 20 at 10:00 AM PST. Participants are asked to register in advance at where they will receive dial-in and webinar instructions.

Recently, LifeLock has been the focus of numerous articles and blogs in regards to lawsuits, the LifeLock service and Davis' personal information being used. Davis knows this medium will provide consumers around the world the opportunity to ask questions regarding all these topics and more.

"LifeLock has always been transparent when answering questions," said Davis. "Now it is time for consumers to get the answers they need and hear the truth. I'm tired of hearing and reading things that are clearly made up or stretch the truth."

What LifeLock does:

LifeLock requests on behalf of its clients that the national credit bureaus place fraud alerts on its members' credit files;

LifeLock requests that members' names be removed from pre-approved credit card offer and junk mail lists;

LifeLock members are also entitled to LifeLock's WalletLock™, eRecon™ and TrueAddress™ services.

WalletLock works to cancel and replace all documents and personal identifying information inside a wallet if it is lost or stolen.

eRecon is a regular patrol of the Internet in search of social security numbers, credit card numbers, driver's license numbers and email addresses of LifeLock members to protect against the information being illegally traded or sold online.

LifeLock's TrueAddress service searches to see if members have had a change of address form filed and alert them if there are changes made that they may be unaware of.

LifeLock is backed by a $1 million service guarantee.

As a long time consumer advocate, I know how hard it is for innocent consumers to fight for and find accountability in our judicial system. Lawsuits filed that appear to be baseless, without merit and without any damages are a slap in the face to our system of justice and to wronged consumers.

To read why I subscribe to LifeLock and support these much needed services see:

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